Bad Credit Motorbike Finance

It’s an unfortunate truth, but people with a bad credit history often experience trouble finding motorbike finance. You may have felt this first hand by applying for motorcycle finance only to be rejected. It’s frustrating, especially if you need a pair of wheels for getting around or for your job. It seems like every road has a big obstacle in the way.

If the banks and lenders tell you no, Savvy can assist you with being approved. 9 out of 10 bad credit motorbike loan applicants get approval with Savvy. The financial professional team at Savvy make contact with over 25 lenders, many of which specialise in bad credit motorbike finance. At Savvy, we don’t let bad credit get in the way of a good bike loan.Though bad credit loans usually come with higher interest rate, that doesn’t mean you’re barred from finding a good motorcycle finance deal. Bad credit isn’t a burden you’ll live with forever. In many cases, if your financial situation has improved significantly, you can move into the “correctible” credit category. A bad credit motorbike loan can help you do that if you repay your loan on schedule and never miss a payment.

Why Choose Savvy?

We access over 25 lenders

Savvy accesses over 25 of Australia’s top financiers to find you the best motorcycle finance deal.

Leaders in bad credit motorcycle finance

Savvy’s team of financial professionals have years of experience getting finance approved for people with bad credit.

Apply the right way

Use our online application system and get lightning quick quote! Best of all, it’s simple to use.

Flexible options

Think bad credit means inflexible loans? Think again! Savvy tailors motorbike loans to your situation

Insurance solutions

Savvy isn’t just about bike finance – we provide competitive quotes on motorcycle insurance!

Free Quotes

Savvy knows the motorbike loan market inside and out and can help with quotes and applications. We use our financial knowledge to determine your suitability for a bad credit motorcycle loan. That way, multiple credit checks don’t further ruin your credit history. Savvy are responsible lenders and abide by all the relevant codes of practice. Savvy is also accredited by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission to provide credit services. We keep you informed every step of the way.

New or Used

Though it’s usually better to buy newer motorbikes, Savvy gives you the option of buying new or used and from dealers as well as private sellers. Savvy works hard to tailor an equitable and fair motorcycle loan solution that suits your needs. In some cases, we can even lend you 100% of the total value of your bike.

Insurance Options

Savvy can also find you great deals on motorcycle insurance – ask about our range of premiums.

Fast & Easy

We also make it easy to get a quote on motorbike loans. Get an instant quote to begin the process. Do you want to talk to a financial professional? Our team is standing by to answer all your questions and guide you through all aspects of bad credit motorcycle finance.

When the banks and lenders say no, think Savvy!

PLEASE NOTE: We cannot provide finance to you if you are currently bankrupt or a party to a Part IX or X Debt Agreement.