5 things to do before riding your motorbike

Posted on Tuesday, May 2, 2017 - 14:00

Buying a motorcycle may be your dream since childhood; however, if you’re a novice in this realm, you might feel a tad intimidated. Still, with the proper approach and knowledge, riding a motorcycle can be exciting, and, most importantly, safe!

So, which are the top things you should do before you become a motorbike owner?

Aspects such as taking a driving class and licence, buying an affordable motorcycle, equipping it with safety gear, and proper insurance are key elements to a successful experience.

Take a class

Many people out there will tell you that, as long as you can ride a dirt bike, you won’t encounter any difficulties with riding a motorbike. That couldn’t be more inaccurate. Taking a class is compulsory for your safety on the road. The first reason for buying a motorcycle is to enjoy it, not to get involved in an accident.

Contrary to popular belief, experts outline that riding a motorcycle is physically and mentally more demanding than driving a regular vehicle. Hence, it’s not as easy as many people think. That makes it compulsory for you to take proper driving classes.

Take your licence

Many people will tell you that taking your licence is barely unnecessary. This category of individuals is the fundamental reason the law enforcement isn’t that fond of motorcyclists. In this direction, statistics inform us that about 20 percent of Australian accidents involving motorcycles include individuals who don’t have a proper motorcycle licence. That raises a significant concern and highlights the importance of having a valid licence if you want to ride your motorcycle.

Choose an adequate motorcycle

It’s mandatory to select a bike by considering your budget and your individual specifications. Otherwise, you’ll end up spending a small fortune on something you don’t necessarily need. As a beginner, you should choose a less powerful motorcycle, and, in time, you may replace it.

Equip your bike with safety gear

Security is the main concern when it comes to motorcycling. Australian Automobile Association data indicates that the death of motorbike riders is on the rise, in spite of comprehensive road safety campaigns. Such statistics account for stark reminders that we need to be extra vigilant as motorcycle drivers. Also, male drivers seem to be more prone to getting involved in accidents, as noted by statistics, 88 percent of motorcycle drivers involved in crashes in Victoria were male. Moreover, 90 percent of Victorian drivers who lost their lives in accidents were also male.

As noted by The Centre for Accident Research and Road Safety (CARR) data, from 2006 to 2010, 7 percent of motorcycling accidents in Queensland involved the lack of adequate helmet, accompanied by speeding and consumption of alcohol. Such statistics should do nothing but raise our awareness and highlight the importance of appropriate safety gear.

Adequate insurance

And lastly, but equally important is the matter of insurance. Motorcycle insurance provides you with additional coverage in the case in which you are in need of medical assistance, in the event of an accident. Considering the incidence of crashes, getting insurance is mandatory.

The importance of being safe on the road couldn’t be stressed enough. That’s what makes our enumerated tips of crucial significance for every Aussie fond of motorcycling. Do you have other handy tips you would like to share with us? Feel free to do so in the comment section below!

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