Import Your Own Motorbike from 2018

Posted on Wednesday, February 24, 2016 - 13:52

From 2018, enthusiast riders can import state-of-the-art motorbikes without the assistance of a dealer. They can do this as long as the model hasn’t been already introduced in Australia. Plus, they’ll also be able to import used vehicles that are older than 25 years, without worrying about paying a duty of $12.000.

Contrasting opinions on the matter

In this direction, the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries has indicated that the Federal Government movement will manage to eliminate the feeling of “buyers beware”. That means it will expose riders to genuinely risky situations.

On the other hand, though, Motoring Enthusiasts Party Senator, Ricky Muir, has a different opinion on the matter. He acknowledges that this may contribute to helping motorists narrow down the costs of purchasing new vehicles in Australia with the ongoing competition in the new vehicle market.

Low-volume importation of new motorbikes was equally profitable and popular a couple of years ago. However, at that moment, the Australian dollar was up on the charts. In time, it has decreased significantly as a result of the exchange rate.

Nonetheless, the current governmental movement will contribute to increasing private importing. So, in the future, enthusiast riders will be able to import models that are not in the country yet. Plus, they shouldn’t be more than 12 months old, and the odometer shouldn’t surpass 500 km.

The source of debate and controversies

Now, countries like Japan and the UK offer compelling standards for right-hand drive cards. Even so, many more countries would be included, as motorbikes are universal in this view.

Even in these situations, some vehicles may need particular modifications. There are companies specialised in this specific domain, such as the Queensland Imports, which deals with compliance matters and governmental taxes.

From 2018, the new rule makes it possible for motor drivers to import vehicles up to 25 years old, as the duty of $12.000 will be diminished in two years’ time. Thus, minister Paul Fletcher expects to see more exotic and exciting motor models, after this new rule will kick in.

On this matter, Tony Weber, FCAI chief executive, notes that clients can benefit from a high level of customer protection when they purchase a vehicle or motorbike through an Australian dealership.

Nonetheless, this particular announcement failed to note that the Australians who will import a car from a given country may end up with a car or motorbike that doesn’t meet the Australian driving requirements.

The greater majority of brands who make sales in Australia are continually investing in state-of-the-art technology, workshops and training services. This particular aspect ensures consumers that the vehicles can be properly repaired when the situation requires so.

Senator Muir points that the competition in the new vehicle market may contribute to a decrease in the age of motor vehicle fleet in the country. That will give more people access to state-of-the-art, modern and efficacious vehicles.

Even so, as the government claims to be concerned about car affordability in Australia, it should consider diminishing taxes and governmental charges, which, added up, make an average of 20 percent of the new car price in Australia. This applies to motorbikes as well.

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