Things to know before upgrading your motorbike

Posted on Monday, March 20, 2017 - 11:24

When should you choose to upgrade your motorbike? This is a question that many motorcycle owners ask.

Before replacing the current bike with a bigger and more powerful one, you should make sure you have adequate safety gear, parking lot drills, and enough practice to feel comfortable when riding.

Before we get started on the things you should do before upgrading your motorbike, we would like to present to you a couple of useful stats, which are eye-opening.

  • According to this source, 3.4 percent of registered vehicles in 2012 were motorcycles. In 2013, the number of motorcycles grew to 4.3 percent of Australian registered vehicles. That highlights the popularity of this means of transportation.
  • Based on annual crash statistics, 14 percent of the total fatalities recorded on the road in 2015 were motorbike fatalities.
  • A significant number of riders who were involved in fatal accidents didn’t hold an adequate licence. 16 percent didn’t have a licence while 1 percent never had one.
  • New riders are the ones that risk being involved in a car crash, due to their lack of experience.

The information above will make you aware of the implications of motorcycling, aiding you to do what’s best for your safety. Now, keep on reading to get acquainted with the things you must check before upgrading your motorbike.

Proper gear

Statistics inform us that motorcycle riders are 30 times more prone to be killed on Australian roads than car drivers. The main factor that determines this is not wearing a helmet; 7 percent of motorcyclist fatalities monitored in Queensland during 2006 and 2010 were due to a lack of helmet. That’s why we couldn’t outline enough the importance of investing in high-quality head-to-toe gear.

Parking lot drills

Contrary to popular belief, parking a motorcycle can be equally challenging as it is in the case of an automobile. That’s why it’s crucial to participate in advanced track classes, which enable you to improve your counter-steering and trail braking, for instance. Whenever you find an empty lot, we advise you to work on the basics until you master each technique.

Practice until you feel comfortable with riding

It’s no secret that practice is the secret to success in anything, motorcycling included. Although you may not feel comfortable at first, you should keep on practicing until you do. Remember, risk-taking, also known as reckless speeding, is a common factor that determines fatal crashes. Also, try to go on new routes every day so that you feel confident and sure of yourself wherever you’re off to.

Don’t go alone

And lastly, if you’re planning on going in the middle of nowhere with your motorcycle, you should ask someone to come with you, especially if you’re a novice rider. This can aid you to prevent a handful of unfortunate events that may emerge. Once you’ve checked the points mentioned above, you should bear in mind that you ought to master your new motorbike, for your safety’s sake. Without a doubt, there’s no other secret or magic solution to getting better at riding. Of course, our list isn’t an all-inclusive, complete one. Do you have any other points you would like to add?

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