Top mistakes that novice riders make

Posted on Friday, February 10, 2017 - 11:43

We all know that motorcycling is challenging and enticing, which is why, in 2016, no less than 18.4 million of motor vehicles were registered in Australia. Nonetheless, although motorcycling is an unmatched experience when it’s not practiced right, it can get you in trouble.

By definition, new, inexperienced riders tend to make a handful of mistakes.

Some of these are failing to take a professional riding course, choosing a motorcycle that is out of their league, missing the safety check before riding, being cheap when it comes to purchasing gear, and being impatient.

Undermining the importance of taking a riding course

The first mistake is assuming that you’re too good to take a beginner’s riding course. Still, this mindset may jeopardise your safety on the road. The aspects you learn during the course are crucial for your protection. In truth, the lack of motorcycle licence is troubling, as 20 percent of Australian accidents involve Aussies that don’t hold a licence.

Assuming that small motorbikes are lame

If you want to purchase a big cruiser as your first motorcycle, we would like to say that this isn’t necessarily the best approach. Getting an adequate bike for your beginner level is highly recommended, and you shouldn’t assume that this will diminish your dignity. We’re not saying that you shouldn’t upgrade to a better motorcycle at some point, but it’s important to do so when the time is right.

Lack of experience in motorbike riding is a leading factor in crashes and fatalities, as noted in statistics. So, being a daredevil when it’s not the case is a rookie mistake you should avoid making.

Being overly excited and not doing a proper safety check

Taking a course will outline the importance of doing a safety check before riding. Even so, many seasoned riders choose to ignore this. Think about this, though; in the case in which your tyres are under-inflated, or your brake lights don’t function, who knows what may happen on the road? A two-minute safety check can be life-saving.

Being cheap when it comes to purchasing gear

If you think that your old jeans and your dad’s half helmet will provide you with adequate protection on the road, think again. Being cheap is, in fact, a common aspect when it comes to gear, as many riders undermine its primary significance. Not wearing a helmet is often associated with risk-taking and is considered to influence the occurrence of accidents.

It goes without saying that what matters the most is driving safely; however, a high-quality jacket, gloves, boots, back protector and a full-face helmet providing you with decent visibility are mandatory for increasing your safety. Statistics indicate that the use of protective clothing can drastically diminish the injury risks for moped riders.


And finally, considering the combination of vulnerability, and excitement linked to motorcycling, it is not surprising that risk-taking is a common novice mistake. This is featured by excessive speeding, reckless driving, and violation of driving rules.

Motorcycling is genuinely exhilarating, but it can also be intimidating and dangerous if you don’t acknowledge the significance of staying safe on the road. Since the rate of motorcyclist deaths in Australia is 30 times bigger than the one of car owners, we advise you to factor in our safety tips

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