Top tips for motorbike riding in Australia

Posted on Thursday, June 9, 2016 - 09:39

The information this article contains is particularly helpful if you’re planning a motorbike riding adventure in Australia. Forewarned equals forearmed – it’s a saying that applies in this scenario as well. Whether you’re planning a short or long trip, being informed is always useful – we’ll list some safety measures you shouldn’t overlook, and tell you what to expect regarding weather and the likelihood of dangerous animals.

Weather and ideal visiting time

Typically, Australia has two distinctive climate zones. The northern half is warm, the temperatures being overall high. However, the summer season – from late November till April is the rainy, wet season. At this time, the humidity is up on the charts, the weather is hot, and the probabilities of cyclones or hurricanes are high.

Certainly, this is not the ideal time for you to begin your trip – the roads may become inaccessible, and the weather is just far from being comfortable, as it’s wet and hot – similar to a steam room.

The winter season, in central and northern Australia, is the peak of the motorbiking season, the temperatures varying from 20 to 30 degrees. That is referred to as the dry season. The bad part, though, is that at night, it can get quite cold. That’s something to consider. Southern Australia is, all in all, similar to a Mediterranean climate. The summer season is dry and warm, and the winters are typically wet. Ideally, you might plan your riding trip here from spring through autumn – the weather is lovely.

Insects, flies, and additional annoyances

Flies can become quite a problem, especially in particular areas. No worries, though, odds are you’ll get used to them as you don’t have a choice. Still, in case the typical insect scenario is aggravated, it’s a good idea to have a hat with a fly net. In the same respect, using insect repellent is a necessity. Even if you assume that the chances of getting across mosquitos and sand flies are minimal, using insect repellent will do more good than harm, so don’t forget to take it with you.

Dangerous animals

Before you embark on your highly-awaited motorbike ride around Australia, many people will warn you that you’ll be bitten by a deadly insect, attacked by a crocodile, or envenomed by a snake. While these are sheer exaggerations, the concerns aren’t all for nothing. The chances for that happening to you are pretty small – fingers crossed; however, being wary shouldn’t hurt, right? So, here are some golden rules to submit to.

  • When you walk through bushy, leafy areas make sure to walk heavily – snakes will hear you and will avoid coming into your way.
  • Wearing appropriate boots is a must as well.
  • Never leave your shoes or clothes outside the tent, especially at night.
  • Have a mosquito tent attached to your tent, and keep it zipped up.
  • Mindfully pick your camping spot.
  • Always comply with the signs that announce any crocodile danger.

Riding at night

Riding at night may seem like an excellent way to beat the heat in the day and the hot tarmac, ride on clear streets and reach your destination sooner, but it comes with additional and unpredictable dangers, so just don’t do it. The most common issue is that you are endangering nocturnal animals. Lots of animals come out at night, and it could easily end in tragedy with both you and the kangaroo that jumped in the street being seriously injured or even dead. Not many little guys will survive an impact with a motorbike. Be mindful of the creatures making their way through your way, and this also goes for those that are lying around in the grass and the large birds that tend to fly at low altitude.

Other tips:

  • If you veer away from the blacktop, be aware that not all the roads will be in excellent condition. You will experience a more authentic Australia, but your motorbike – or the quality of your ride – may suffer.
  • Australia is not very lenient with bikers who speed, so don’t do it. The one place where there is no speed limit for your motorbike is in the Northern Territory.
  • Instead of riding your motorbike through the water, push it through. It’s easier and better unless there are crocodiles.
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