Financing for Motorcycles

Harley-Davidson® is the first choice when it comes to motorcycles, granting you an unparalleled riding experience. It’s a purchase that never goes out of fashion, embodying the incomparable icon of American motorcycling. Thus, if you’re thinking of savouring motorcycling at its best, Savvy provides you with the top-notch offers when it comes to bike finances. It offers you the most competing rates on Harley-Davidson® motorcycle loans, starting from 5.51 percent!

Our specialised financial advisors at Savvy will provide you with the perfect loan that meets your individual requirements. We want to ensure you truly enjoy your Harley-Davidson® motorcycling experience at the best rate on the Australian market. Therefore, you might choose to purchase either a new motorcycle from a dealer or a used one from a private seller. Either way, Savvy provides you with unparalleled rates that make buying a motorcycle the best deal ever! You can choose from:

  • Harley-Davidson® VRSC power cruiser
  • Touring Harley® motorcycle
  • Harley-Davidson® Custom Vehicle Operations (CVO) customised bikes
  • Dyna Super-Glide
  • Harley-Davidson® Street – state-of-the-art Harley® motorcycle model
  • The Sportster
  • The traditional Softail design

Why Choose Savvy?

100% finance

You needn’t worry if you don’t have a deposit. Savvy takes care of that and offers you 100% finance.

Liberty of option

Savvy allows you complete freedom to opt for repayment alternatives or payments! Whatever you choose is fine with us.

The ultimate most attractive financing deals

There’s no way you’ll find a better deal than ours – the rates start at 5.51 percent!

Second-hand and dealer purchase approved by Savvy

We accept second-hand buys, as well as dealer purchases. You are free to choose!

Fast approvals

The minute you decide you want a Harley-Davidson®, Savvy will provide you with everything you need in the shortest amount of time, and you’ll be riding your Harley-Davidson®” in no time!

Motorcycle Loan Calculator

Lucky for you, our team of professionals at Savvy can make your American dream of riding an authentic Harley-Davidson® motorcycle become reality! The first step is trying to use our motorcycle loan calculator, which will aid you establish an estimative sum before actually purchasing your dream bike.

New vs. Used Harley-Davidson®

Whether you are opting for a new or a used Harley-Davidson®, we have decided to finance your motorcycle purchase. We provide our customers with the option of applying for loans that vary from 12 months to 7 years. Moreover, we can offer you flexible repayment options!

Having a bad credit record? Savvy can help you!

A bad credit record is definitely not something you should worry about! All you have to do is to discuss your case with one of our professional financiers, and they’ll find a proper solution to your problem. In general, you should know that 9 out of 10 cases are accepted.

Get your own Harley-Davidson® Quote

You can get your own Harley-Davidson® Quote without having to apply for a loan. Just call us at 1300 974 066 and you’ll be riding your dream motorcycle in no time!

Disclaimer - Harley-Davidson® and Harley® are registered trade marks of Harley-Davidson Motor Corp or H-D U.S.A. LLC. We are not associated with Harley-Davidson Motor Corp.”