Motorbike Loans

Riding a motorbike doesn’t just have the obvious money saving benefit. It’s true: motorbikes use a fraction of the fuel cars do. They’re easier to park, simpler to manoeuvre and can open up to unforgettable touring experiences. With a motorbike, you not only have a lean, mean commuting machine, but a workhorse and a solo holidaymakers’ dream.

Looking for great rates on motorbike finance can be a hassle – but it doesn’t need to be. Savvy has all the tools you need to compare, find and save on motorcycle finance. Savvy finds the best deals from our range of over 25 lenders. It’s why our motorbike finance rates begin at 5.51% p.a. – you’ll be hard pressed to find lower rates anywhere else.

We feel that bike finance should be as easy to obtain as any other kind of finance. That’s why we’ve put together bike finance loan calculators to figure out your budget with a minimum of fuss. We can also put together a no-obligation online quote so you can get an even better picture of how much you can save on bike loans with Savvy.

Finance Options

Feel the need for speed? Want to save money on your bike loan? Get Savvy on the job for low fixed rates on motorbike finance. Savvy finances all kinds of motorbikes from new, certified used and used bikes.

Quad bikes for fun or profit! Ask about our chattel mortgage or hire purchase options for business customers. In addition to supplying finance to motorbike dealer sales, we also support customers venturing into the private market.

Classic bikes with classic bike loan rates. We protect your investment with great finance deals and even better insurance premiums. With Savvy, the choice is yours.

Flexible Loan Terms

Savvy is all about choices. If you need 100% finance, we can provide it (to approved applicants.) Choose from 12 month terms, the usual 5 year terms or even 7 year terms – the choice is yours! We can even incorporate residual value payments, otherwise known as balloon payments into your loan. This gives you the flexibility of lower periodic repayments with a lump sum payable at the end of your loan term.

Bad Credit Bike Loans

Bad credit? Get a second chance at bike finance with Savvy. Savvy’s financial professionals know all about finding bad credit bike loans and 9/10 applicants are given the green light with Savvy. When the other banks and lenders walk away, we lend a helping hand.

Insurance & Extras

Remember, Savvy don’t just do bike finance. We offer competitive rates on all types of motorcycle insurance. We know the insurance market as well as the financial market and find all our insurance customers great premiums at significant discounts. Ask about our motorbike insurance deals and get a quote!

Want to know just how much you can save with Savvy? Get a free, no obligation online quote for bike finance now! For telephone enquiries, call 1300 974 066 – think bike finance, think Savvy!