Motorbike Insurance

When it comes to motorcycle insurance, you insist on the best. You don’t want a policy that costs way too much, doesn’t deliver and locks you into something you never wanted. Whether you ride a sports bike, tourer, quad, naked, scooter or something in-between, Savvy finds a bike insurance premium that’s affordable and suits you.We access premiums from around Australia that offer a range of benefits and extras depending on your needs. As an insurance broker, we fight hard with insurance companies to give more for much less. The power of a broker is manifold – we find you low premiums and keep companies on their toes when it comes time to claim.

Comprehensive motorcycle insurance is necessary for riders who want to cover their bike for damage caused to other’s property and incurred accidentally. If you only require coverage for damage done to others, Third Party insurance is also available. 

Why Choose Savvy?

Compare & save

Don’t tear your hair out looking for cheap bike insurance deals – let the experts at Savvy take care of it.

Low bike insurance premiums

Savvy’s national buying power means lower motorcycle insurance premiums for you.

Your choice of extras

Agreed value or market value? No claims bonus? Flexible excess? It’s your call!

Insurance your way

Don’t get shoehorned into a premium that isn’t for you – flip the script with Savvy.

Satisfaction guaranteed

We strive hard to make sure all our motorbike insurance customers walk away satisfied. It’s the Savvy way.

Savvy can find you a comprehensive motorcycle insurance premium that can include any or all of the following:

  • ​​Choice of repairer
  • ​​Low use discounts – perfect for club bikes, bikes on log book registration and weekend riders
  • ​​Modification coverage
  • ​​Agreed or market value
  • ​​Emergency accommodation – If you break down far from home
  • ​​Bike replacement in the event of total loss

Roadside Assistance

We also find premiums that include roadside assistance, multi-vehicle discounts, cover for riding gear and equipment and no claims bonuses. You can even adjust your excess to reduce your regular or lump sum bike insurance payments.


Are you a safe rider? You may be eligible for reductions based on your riding experience. If you only ride your bike occasionally, you might save even more. We consider all factors to get a complete picture.

Flexible Payment Options

We can also give you a choice on paying monthly, yearly or (for approved applicants) amortised with your motorcycle loan package. Business customers may save even more if they apply for bike insurance via their chattel mortgage.Call one of our financial professionals to find out more.

Insurance Extras

In addition to motorcycle insurance, we also offer tyre and rim insurance and GAP insurance.

If you’re paying too much for bike insurance, give one of the brokers at Savvy a call today to discuss your options. You’ll be surprised with what you find! If you want a quote even quicker, you can get an online quote in minutes.